A Spectacular Coastline Croatia


A Spectacular Coastline Croatia

Visit the Croatian coast and islands with its vibrant natural colours: emerald-green forests and landscapes, turquoise, azure and sapphire waters, terracotta tiles and creamy white sand, pebbles, and stone.
This summer, a sailing holiday, yacht charter are the perfect way to relax, unwind, have fun, and stay safe. The stunningly beautiful coastline and islands of Croatia are characterized by mild winters, warm summers, and endless hours of sunshine. The sailing season is from the end of April to the middle of October. There are many excellent marinas with top class infrastructure and facilities.
The Dalmatian coast is a historic and beautiful part of Europe. It is also the original home of the very biggest spotty dog you ever did see; but that’s for another time. It is also of the most sensational parts of the Mediterranean, or to be precise the Adriatic, to go sailing.
Croatia is in the northwest of the Balkan peninsula and covers four regions. The most northerly is called Istria; then there is Croatia Proper; Slavonia; and Dalmatia. It is the exquisite coastal region of Dalmatia that is home to Croatia’s complex patchwork of enchanting islands.
Croatia is as geographically unique as it is beautiful and historically rich. Its ancient and diverse past, stretching back over millennia, influences every aspect of its culture, evidence of which can be seen, tasted, and heard at virtually every turn.
The timeless terracotta rooves, atop classically picturesque buildings, makes it unquestionably one of the most idyllic and distinctive areas of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Combine all of this with the warmth of the summer months, steady winds and crystal clear, azure waters and it is without doubt the perfect destination for a sailing holiday.

General Info About Croatia
Balkan Peninsula - Capital: Zagreb - Population: > 4 million - Time: Central European Time (CET) UK time +1 hour - Driving side: Right - Calling code: +385
EU, Visas, Currency: Croatia has been part of the European Union since July 2013. This means that British passport holders may visit the country for 90 out of 180 days without obtaining a visa. So far Croatia has kept its own currency, the Croatian Kuna.
Yacht Charter Bases: Lycia Yacht Charter works from several bases in Croatia, Dubrovnik, Trogir and Split, and Pula.
Airports: The airports our guests will use to arrive in and leave from Croatia are as follows, from north to south: Pula Airport - Split Airport - Brač Airport - Dubrovnik Airport
Weather: Croatia’s Adriatic islands experience a delightful Mediterranean climate; that is, hot, dry summer months and mild to cool, rainy winter months. Average temperatures for the islands range from 26°C to 30°C in the summer, to 5°C to 10°C in the winter. The hottest months, and therefore the busiest in terms of tourism, are July and August.
For sailing, the summer weather is generally good but April to June and September to October can usual be more and consistently windy and therefore more fun for experienced and adventurous sailors.
UNESCO Sites: Diocletian's Palace ,Split - Old city of Dubrovnik - Trogir - Stari Grad Plain , Hvar
Tentative UNESCO sites: The historic town of Korčula


One of the Best Historic Cities to Start Your Yacht Charter


Pearl Of North Croatia; Pula


Beautiful Croatian City Trogir


An Attractive, Relaxed City with Ancient Roots


An Island with Lakes and Caves


Hvar, The Island Where Nightlife Meets History and Nature


Densely Forested Island; Korcula


Island of Beaches


Famous Brac Stones and Zlatni Rat Beach


Island of Zinfadel Wine

Available Yachts in Croatia


27 m | 2009 | 12 guests | 6 cabins
From € 7.000 per week

ANKA 35 in Turkey

15 m | 2016 | 4 guests | 2 cabins
From € 4.375 per week

AZRA CAN in Turkey

18.5 m | 2016 | 4 guests | 2 cabins
From € 4.900 per week

HAYAL 62 in Turkey

19 m | 2008 | 4 guests | 2 cabins
From € 5.000 per week

NAZ CAN in Turkey

15 m | 2011 | 4 guests | 2 cabins
From € 4.200 per week

SIDELYA in Turkey

15 m | 2016 | 4 guests | 2 cabins
From € 4.375 per week

ZORBAS in Turkey

20 m | 2017 | 4 guests | 2 cabins
From € 4.900 per week

ASLI NIL in Turkey

16 m | 2015 | 6 guests | 3 cabins

BARKA in Turkey

22 m | 2017 | 6 guests | 3 cabins
From € 5.250 per week

CEYLAN in Turkey

20 m | 2004 | 6 guests | 3 cabins
From € 7.350 per week

FARALYA in Turkey

20 m | 2008 | 8 guests | 3 cabins
From € 6.300 per week


21.5 m | 2019 | 6 guests | 3 cabins
From € 8.400 per week

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